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Hi I am Bellissa Sistine, 24 y/o travel and lifestyle blogger. I live in the Philippines! I love travelling and trying out things that I’ve never tried before. Sharing my adventures and experiences to other people gives more meaning and purpose to my life.

How did my travel journey started?

My passion in traveling started way back 2013. It was an accidental discovery for me. During my 3rd year in college I scheduled succeeding trips having the intention of visiting places with the least cost. The plan was to look for friends and college friends who are willing to accommodate us. We are so lucky that the places we included in the itinerary were mostly sponsored. Indeed lucky! We were able to visit and discover five beautiful and awesome places in ten days! Yes, five places in ten days. It was so much fun, adventure and kind of scary at the same time. Scary because during that time we don’t have smart phones to guide us through an online maps. We only relied to the locals who are very kind to help us. That’s how my travel journey started or shall I say ignited. That time I realized that life has so much to offer. It opened my eyes to the world of exploration and adventure.

I hope you will enjoy my blog! Thanks for passing by.. 🙂

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality..” -Seneca


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